Data and Content

Our data and content has seen considerable investment with a dedicated team in place to ensure we provide you with the best quality data to power search functionality in your back office systems.

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    eData Registration

    The data is priced as follows:

    • ebasic: Free (this is very basic data, including product code and two basic product descriptions)

    • ePlus: £250 Non Venture, £200 Venture customers*

    • ePremium: £250 Non Venture, £200 Venture customers (includes enhanced data and content)*

      *Please check if your back office system can allow access to our further enhanced ePlus and ePremium data. If you can access the ePremium data you can receive this for the same price as ePlus.

    How we use your data:

    We will use your details to confirm to your back office provider and/or the file delivery method you choose, to confirm the level of data and content for which you have registered and the period of the subscription. In addition, we will notify the relevant parties when your subscription is due for renewal or has expired and is purely for administrative purposes. For further details of our Privacy Policy, please click here.